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Peking Glass Snuff Bottle Necklace

This Chinese beaded necklace holds a curious pendant; a peking glass snuff bottle used for holding powdered tobacco. The snuff bottle has a base of milky white glass overlaid in bold blue and yellow, making for a striking colour scheme.

Peking glass is an overlay carved glass created by layering material around a core, similar to Cameo glass. To create the overlay, a glass blower makes shape, the dips the shape into a basin of liquid glass several times. This process creates multiple layers of glass that are then carved away to produce a textured image. Peking glass is often made with different coloured layers of glass, creating contrast when the outer layers are carved away. Historically, many pieces of Peking glass were made with yellow glass (dubbed “Imperial Yellow”) due to the colours’ strong association with the Qing Imperial clan of Aisin Gioro.

Period: 20th Century
Style: Qing Dynasty
Origin: China
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