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Ref No: FS0102

A Pair of Georgian Porters Chairs in Original Leather

This impressive pair of Georgian Porters chairs have managed to keep their original leather and have gathered a rich patina over the last 200 years. If you are looking for character, this pair has plenty.

A porter’s chair was a type of chair used in medieval England and later France. Usually formed in a high-grade leather or red velvet, it was placed by the front door of an estate or home for use by a gatekeeper servant who was in charge of screening guests and visitors. This was necessary since the door knocker might not be heard throughout the house.

Since there were often cold breezes near a front door, the chair was designed to envelop and keep the servant relatively warm in his task of remaining at the door for long periods.

Period: Early 19th Century
Style: Georgian
Origin: England
Dimensions: W 80cm x D 90cm x H 110cm
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