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Calling All Collectors: Victorian Calling Cards

Exchanging cards is a common day practice for the modern day businessman and woman...


Artist Profile: Enoch Seeman

Enoch Seeman (1694-1745) Born to a family of Polish painters, and named after this father, Enoch Seeman the Younger was destined for life as an...


A Brief History of Bohemian Glass

For many centuries the Italians had a monopoly on the international glass trade, producing some of the most beautiful and unique glass in the world....

netsuke cover2

A Brief History of Netsuke

A Netsuke, pronounced neh-tsu-keh, is a magnificent and extremely detailed Japanese carved miniature sculpture, ranging from one to two inches in size. The carvers were...


Guest Blog: Costume Jewellery by Sonia Hudson

"If it's good enough for Jacqueline Kennedy..." Guest Writer Sonia Hudson on Costume Jewellery.

loving cup

Valentine’s Day Special: The Loving Cup

Most people are familiar with Loving Cups, although may not know them by that name. Loving Cups can be found in varying different shapes and...


Heart of Glass: A Brief History of Murano Glass

Glass is the subject of many collectors, and it is easy to see why. It’s an engaging yet fragile material that has unique properties unlike...

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