Welcome to The Antique Guild

Welcome to The Antique Guild, a bastion of luxury in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. Home to many museum quality antiquities from across the world, The Antique Guild curates a remarkable collection of exceptional  jewellery, furniture, silver, art, and much much more.

Located next to the luxurious Stamford Plaza Hotel, The Antique Guild showcases all of its treasures in the Old Port Office; a gorgeous 19th century building constructed by Brisbane’s first Mayor John Petrie. The Antique Guild would love to tempt you to a world of unhindered decadence and beauty that you can call your own.

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Our Governing Philosophy

The vision of The Antique Guild is to foster communities of involvement and invite them to a lifestyle of decadence, luxury, and elegance:


The maximum impact with the least amount of effort.


An object or style conducive to sumptuous living


Unrestrained self-indulgence

A wise man once said that the only reason to have money is to nurture your body and change people’s paradigms. Typically though, we only use it to buy and have the things our body absolutely requires like food, shelter, and transportation. To most people it is simply these physical requirements that make money at all a valuable commodity. It is the necessity of petrol to fuel their car that makes it worth anything. At The Antique Guild, we ask you… Instead of simply subsisting what if you could play with money and make the nurturance of your body a joyful, exuberant, and hedonistic experience?

As well, with generosity of spirit and a willingness to contribute to others, what if money and wealth was a tool to gift people with more than they thought they were capable of receiving and totally change their realities? What if you could do that for yourself as well?

As a curatorial boutique of fine jewellery, furniture and art we aim to make that kind of nurturing and indulgence an art form. Anyone from the hardcore collector to the seekers of intrinsic beauty is equally satiated in our bastion for voluptuaries. In our stores we keep the rare and the wonderful, the whimsical and mysterious to immerse you and your body in a world where craftsmanship, caring attention, and exuberant expressions of living are the valuable commodity. Individual. Unusual. Phenomenal.

Care to join us?

Consider yourself invited to the elegance of living.



aaada_logo_gold-1As of 2015, The Antique Guild is an official member of the Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association, the leading industry body representing Fine Art and Antique dealers in Australia.

We are very proud to have passed the test and be counted among the best in Australia.



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