Four Peranakan daughters and their mother pose for a portrait with their kerosang serong attached – Photo graciously provided by Lily Yew

When you visit The Antique Guild, you want to see something that no one else has. You can forget your early pieces by Fornasetti, you can keep your 5000 year old Chinese burial objects, show me something special. Today we present you with a new arrival at the store; one that has already charmed many visitors this week. There are currently very few kerosang serong in existence. Most pieces were initially commissioned by only the wealthiest families in Malaysia.

With time and the decline of family fortunes amongst some of these families, many such pieces were sold off to private collectors, melted down for cash, or simply recycled into other types of jewellery during World War II.  This kerosang serong consists of three 14k yellow gold brooches chained together and was used to pin together a Kebaya, the traditional dress of the region. Traditional kebaya had no buttons down the front. To secure the blouse openings in the front, a kerosang serong was applied on the chest. The Malayans took this as an opportunity to show off their style and craftsmanship.

Come and visit our Edward Street store to see this rare and beautiful example of Malaysian history.