As 2016 has begun so has a new year of exploration and expression for antiques, design, and decoration for the home.  In the exploration of antiques in 2016 we feel that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to starting your collection. Just follow your heart, do your research, and you will find spectacular pieces to add into your 21st Century home.

Decoration trends this year appear to give you a fabulously wide choice in direction, and there is a décor theme for every individual to explore. A common recurring theme is the noble quest to find authenticity, pay respect to origin and artisan, to source products that are inspired with originality, passion, and good design. This movement to attain the natural essence of who we are, and our origins, is causing people to regard the artisan, the historian, the environmentalist, the up-cycler, and the curator in higher esteem, and subsequently, their products. We see people searching for the original piece, hand crafted, woven, or spun, with natural colouration and hand painted techniques, whilst being renewable, resourceful, and collaborative.

This is one of the attributes of antique collecting, the once hand crafted product, be it a piece of furniture, silver, glass or fabric, once had an artisan who was highly regarded for their skill. Their skill has stood the test of time and we see much of what was made still relevant, usable, functioning and just as breathtaking as it once was. Integrating an antique piece into a modern home is one of this years up and coming to-dos.

This quest is becoming more and more relevant to our everyday lives and the choices we have to make, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear and the things we choose to fill our homes with. In a time were we are inundated with replicas and cost cutting, sometimes the search becomes hard. Thankfully, a curated collection of antiques and the likes, takes the hard work out for you and creates a one-stop shop.

One of the design trend to-dos this year is traditional tableware; it is back in baby, with all the glorious indulgences of multiple courses, crystal, and silver finery.  The elegance of tradition and formal dinning is becoming highly regarded.  Be sure that when you cater for your next dinner guest that you lay on a spread that will be that talk of the town, delicious to the mouth and eyes. Layer your table with tablecloths, napkins, personalized place cards, coasters, multi-course flatware, and elegant centerpieces. Your table will be oozing with style and flare unique to your antique collection.

Another to-do of 2016 is a return to nature. Bringing the outside environment in with plants of the 1970’s and rustic additions of furniture, rugs, throws or cushions for the naturalist in all of us. Not surprisingly, wood and marble from 2015 is still coming through in this year’s embrace of natures glorious creations, along with the addition of mixed metals. With the layering of natural produce it will only be reasonable to respect and include the textile world. We see that the texture on texture is a fabulous choice this year, with bias towards the organic and historical, with selective mixing of textures, patterns, weaves, and fabrics. With multiple layers of rugs, throws, and cushions, to wall hangings and decorative wallpapers, your interior will become as unique as you are.

Along with the mix of texture and patterns we are enthusiastic to see that the mix of periods and cultures is also being embraced. Mixing furniture and décor from various countries and periods in history is a way of creating a house that is a home. By bringing into our immediate world the history of the past, and the experiences of the world beyond our city, we create a tapestry of our lives and adventures.

Pottery is a must have this year, with a lean towards whites, and cobalt or inky ultramarine blues. These feature pieces would fit comfortably and be a great addition to any hall table or entry. Pendants, stools, the return of the study desk, are all in for 2016, and these would be the most apt way one could introduce an antique or collectable as feature pieces in the home.

Colour trends for the year appear to be as varied and engaging as decoration trends. With an overall consensus that soft blue greys and clean fresh soft pinks are the ‘now’ hot things. Of course we like to include their tonal variations of soft blues, greys bleeding into grey purples, and moody monochromes. Naturally one cannot forget the value of white as a base or accessory colour, with the blue, grey, and pink colour palette. However for the traditionalist out there, you will be happy to hear that rich heritage emerald green, olive, meaty-earthy red, and red brown with timbers, also gets the thumbs up this year. Often teamed in the right combination with colours of mustard, deep mushrooms, and pickled green.

Contrasting this is the colour trend of natural living things taking a light and fresh approach to colouring the home this year. Tones and hues representing the outdoors that bring calm such as soft greens, olives, mushrooms with fresh clean colours of white and cream, and are a great base palette to build your décor. Adding accents of aqua, blues, mustard, navy, denim, and dirty pastels is a fun way of creating vibrancy within the clam.

Mixes of the 1950-70’s colours with their signature browns, olives, orange and muddy colours teamed selectively with brighter blues, deep aqua, pinks, coral, rose pink, water melon tones and peach with a hint of yellow are giving us a blast from the past, that are well on trend for 2016.

We hope to bring you more decoration and design tips and hint throughout the year, with look books, vignettes and more, to inspire your creations and guide you on how to incorporate the past into the present in stylish and explorative ways.

By Tahn Parr.

Feature Image by Mike Baker, Styling by Bree Leech and Heather Nette King for Dulux.