What does it mean to have Pride? When you ask the dictionary it means to have a satisfied sense with ones choices, it is the result of receiving praise, and a fulfilled sense of belonging.

Recently a gentleman came to the Antique Guild and fell in love with a gold and diamond gent’s dress ring from the 1920’s. He tried it on and was overwhelmed by the joy he experienced. After pacing around the shop for a few minutes of anguished deliberation he convinced himself that using some of his savings to buy something just for him was the thing to do. “I have never done anything like this for myself before,” he kept repeating. The pride he experienced is something the Antique Guild director Christopher Hughes offers we should all have all the time.

At The Antique Guild, we believe this honour of ourselves is something we should all have in who we are, how we live, and what we choose as our surroundings. In our experience, having a home that nurtures us can create miracles in all areas of our lives. Getting home and placing your keys on a silver try, and resting your coat on a fine piece of furniture you fell in love with is very different than being greeted by a little synthetic rug and a piece of particle board you assembled out of a flat pack.

It’s about paying yourself first. Just as its important to set yourself some time aside to take care of your body, creating a home you are proud of is a phenomenally valuable investment in you. Personally we suggest taking 10% of everything you earn and set it aside as savings and occasionally, to buy the things that really truly add value to your life. Use it for thing like jewelry and antiques and precious metals that you know are wise investments that will hold value. That way you know that the money that you have set aside to honour you will never lose it’s value.

We suggest that for every dollar you earn 10% should be put aside as a tithing to you. It is an investment in honouring of you. That doesn’t mean a new suit or a car, but something that will at least hold its value if not appreciate in worth. It doesn’t have to be rings and bling, it can be whatever you choose.

It’s not just about having expensive things, though surrounding yourselves with objects of value is reassuring when budgets get tighter, but also about being you and expressing yourself with something uniquely beautiful to you.

No matter what happens to the economy (which is not looking too good right now with the US losing a lot of strength), gold is always a good investment for its intrinsic metal value. It might sound like you would need a lot of money to start investing in gold especially as bullion or coins, but that is where jewellery can be a wise choice. You can start to invest in yourself with as little $50 per week with things like charms for bracelets or small chains.

To please all the Oscar Wilde’s of today and those that have come before us, at The Antique Guild you will find a host of the wild, the wonderful and above all the fabulous to express pride in your home and who you truly are.